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Hey! This is Pretty James.

 Erinn Dejose, owner of Pretty James Boutique

Hi I'm Erinn, owner of Pretty James Boutique.Owning this store is a huge dream {finally} coming to fruition and I'm thrilled you're here. You're actually HERE!

I'm 36. I'm a wife and mom of two ridiculously energetic kids. I own two businesses.I lead a super active lifestyle and like to spend a lot of time outside. I'm constantly chasing my kids, climbing up things, jumping out of, or off of, stuff to save my toddlers from smashing their faces. But through all of this; DANG GIRL I WANNA LOOK CUTE! I'm constantly shopping and constantly being disappointed with what's available. Maybe I'm in a weird part of my life where retailers don't know how to dress me. I'm not interested at shopping at Forever 21 or any of those other fast fashion stores. The clothes are cheap, don't fit and well, i'm not 21. LOL - not. even. close. I can spend a little more. Sometimes I have luck at Nordstroms, but there's a lot to look through and those clothes can skew a little younger as well. That being said, I also don't want to wear patterned capri pants and jacquard jackets. No shade, THAT'S JUST NOT ME! 

I want a curated shopping experience. I want to look through a smaller selection of cool clothes that fit me. That don't show my butt crack when I bend over. That are well made. That don't break the bank.That don't look EXACTLY the same as every other influencer sashaying down the street. I want a boutique experience with clothes chosen for active women, who aren't teenagers but aren't ready to sit down for the early bird special just yet. I want clothes I can wear to a play date in the morning and happy hour in the evening. I want to look on-trend and feel good about myself. IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK? 

Heck no it's not. So. Here we go. Pretty James. A fun, stylish boutique with cool clothes for women in the PRIME of their life. Cheers to turning heads and constantly having to answer the questions - "hey where'd you get that?" and "will you be mad if I copy you?" 


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  • Oh hey! This sounds like I wrote it (minus the uber fitness stuff)! I have struggled to find cool clothes that fit my mom bod and cant wait to fill my closet from Pretty James. Thanks for starting this!

    Corie Leaman

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